7th Grade e-Learning

Week of April 13, 2020

We are here to help! Please reach out to us if you have any questions about eLearning.

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We know it can be difficult to keep track of all the assignments for different classes. Here is a chart of all tasks for every academic class for the week.

Word doc for students to use is posted in the social studies google classroom; email with word document will also be sent to all the parents I have email addresses for.
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eLearning Facts for 7th Grade at BCMS!

We have learned a lot this week about how to make sure our students are completing their assignments successfully! Here are some things to remember:

1. Students need to complete the attendance task for each of their classes Monday through Thursday for attendance purposes/assignments.

2. Students are expected to complete the work listed in Google Classroom... we will continue giving assignments and grade them throughout the week.

3. All work will be delivered via Google Classroom. Students should complete all their assignments online.

4. Students can work at their own pace to complete work each day. They are not expected to be online for the duration of a school day.

5. Live sessions with teachers are not required but we would love to see our students! Pop in and see your teacher through the links posted on Google Classroom.

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Mrs. Raeburn has a Google Classroom as well... add her Google Classroom too!

From Mrs. Raeburn:

Every day, at noon, I will be reading a chapter from the book Restart by Gordon Korman. You can go on-line and grab this book from Amazon for 5.99 OR you can come up to BCMS and grab one from the Little Free Library. You can also just follow along to my virtual and enjoy a great book by an awesome middle school author! You will find my reading on Facebook, my google classroom (join with the code below— this is for scholars!, and our You Tube channel)

Also, you can get a copy of this book in OVERDRIVE, our on-line library. SORA is the app you need and here are the directions to take you there. Use SORA to find all kinds of great books!

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Bryan County Schools will be distributing “to go” breakfast/lunch meals starting on Monday, March 23rd.

Meals are open to ALL children 18 years or younger.

Children must be present to receive meals.

Meals will be available by school bus delivery (see routes below)

Or may be picked up curbside at Bryan County Elementary starting at 11:00am


1. Follow the signs to the pick up location.

2. Remain in your car and pull up to the delivery station.

3. The server will determine the number of meals needed.

4. The runner will get the meals to the server.

5. The server will hand them to the children/parent in the car.

6. Pull away from the curb, following the flow of traffic.

7. Be mindful of pedestrians who may be walking in the area.

8. Safely leave the school grounds.

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We are ExExExcited about the opportunity to connect with our students online! Please reach out if you are experiencing any issues.

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