Morale Minutes 10/6

Hi, guys!

I apologize that it has taken so long to get the minutes out. I just wanted to get the facts straight in my head, and on the same page with everyone before I jumped the gun and sent false information to you guys.

-We're still meeting tonight @ 7 in Putnam 239

-Welcome a new morale leader, Courtlen Vizzuso!

-Thank you for coming to the Cake Walk everyone!

-Now that Homecoming has come to an end there is much more time, and a BobcaHang will be planned accordingly, and Sunday meetings are soon to come.

-ATCO Halloween Dance Friday October 21st @ 6-8 Athens Rec Center

-Still planning a day for us to come in and teach the line dance, will have to come up with variations for wheelchairs and such (Also thinking of a Friday around noon because that will have the best turn out for clients, so it's okay if you have conflicts! Just trying to become more involved in the community)

-COLOR TEAM REVEAL IS NOW THURSDAY OCTOBER 27th: **Please email your team/color preferences to

The reveal is just going to be by email/smore (what this newsletter is), but it will contain your picture, a bio and information about you and your co-captain, words of encouragement, whatever you guys want, as well as disclaimers and general information about the DM, and especially info about 100 Days to Bobcathon

-THURSDAY NOVEMBER 3rd: 100 DAYS TO BOBCATHON: I explained part of this in the group me, but we are no longer having a big party for the reveal this day because LT and Exec realized that it would be a "high effort, low impact" event.

Now, it is going to be a fundraising competition between Internal Affairs, External Affairs, and Planning Team. Don't think you won't be involved though because you will be! That is why we are doing reveal a week early, 2 or 3 color teams will be paired with each team. For example, Purple and Blue team might be paired with Internal Affairs. I'm not sure of the exact locations yet, so don't quote me, but each team will be at a different part of campus, like South Beach, Top of Baker, or College Gate. Each team will have a sponsor, (not sure of these yet either, so don't quote me again lmao) so you might have Chicken and Waffle with Internal, Goodfellas with External, and McHappy's with Planning and the goal of this event is to make your table an "attraction" to raise $100 (100 days get it haha) in the fastest amount of time. (The fundraising won't end at $100, so keep selling until you sell all your stuff, but when you raise that $100 have one person run it up to Konneker. So meet with your teams, make a GroupMe or something to make your table a big attractor, and get on the same page. Give them freedom if you want; they could make signs, decorations, bring a pup, etc. and get in touch with your LT team, as well! (Tentative Time: 11am-1pm)

This event will also have a lot of Color War point opportunities, including attendance, and social media. i.e. Hashtags #BobcaBlue #BobaOrange #BobcaPurple, etc. will be used throughout the year to gain one point per tweet.

-Dad's Weekend Pancake Breakfast Sunday November 6th

Hope all of this makes sense! Please contact us with any questions if you have them, we'd be happy to help! Thanks so much, guys, hope you have a good one!

Abby Fajack and Ty Tracy

BobcaThon: Co-Directors of Morale