Mariela' s Autobiography

All About Me

My family

I have 2 sister,3 brother,1 mom,1 dad,1 turtle,2 dogs,1 cats. All my pets past away when I was 4.My brothers names are Humberto he is 14 birthday is January 4th and Johan 13 birthday August 15,Johnny 5 birthday June 6.My sister are Alesandra 12 birthday November 27,Jessica 24 birthday July 23.My moms birthday is December 5 my dads birthday is March 27.My sister moved to California with my Aunt.


My hobbies are art,backbend,cartwheel,handstand,frontflip, music, P.E.And I play with my friend Anisha, Angel, Ayjah, Zoe, Dyamond, and my little brother, cousin.My favorite sudject is math,spelling,reading,writting.

Fun Facts

I was born in Greenville Tx December 27 2006.Last year i got to go to my grandparents house i got to spend the night there and my uncle bought me a cake and got money.I can do a front flip and back.This year i got a elf on the shelf as a early birthday presents.