Tank top


Tank Top Guide - Mens Tank Top Design Variations

There are three common designs of tank tops for men which vary in back and shoulder strap width. This information page will differentiate and explain the various cuts. The range of motion tank top shirts provide make them the item of workout clothing athletes in the bodybuilding and weightlifting sports most appreciate. There are also differing fabric content, textures and colors to help diversify a bodybuilder exercise gear wardrobe.

The most difficult style for men to find is the y-back string tank top because it’s a somewhat custom design. One of the most frequent comments we hear from our customers around the world is how they’ve been unable to find mens string tops and how thrilled they are to find them through our fitness store online. Often called a mens y back tank top because of the back strap configuration which forks at a lower point. The stringer tank top shoulder straps are the narrowest of all styles. This requires intricate stitching to keep them from rolling up like spaghetti and the additional labor makes them slightly more costly to manufacture. The large arm openings and unencumbered upper body area facilitates the strenuous movements of an intense bodybuilding workout. Additionally, the more exposed areas of a string tank allow for more efficient cooling.