Family, Conformity, and Success

By Caroline Lockwood P2

Feeling like you don't fit the mold

Being a teenage girl in the late forties and early fifties, and not fitting into society's norms would be hard because there were not many options for women other than starting a family young and having their husbands provide for the family financially. If a teen didn't have much money, they would probably look at the "success" ad and think that they can never be successful. A teen might look at the "family" ad and compare it to their own family; what if their family was not as close knit? What if they only had one parent or not enough money for a big Thanksgiving dinner? Its easy to see that teen can often feel inadequate when they take their cues from unrealistic ads from this time period. Many teens would still try to look or act perfect, pretend they have money, or that their family is close like the family in the telegram ad. Some would prepare themselves for having a life after ugh hook they did not want to have; many women should start a family instead of going to college or finding their dream job, because they fear they won't be financially stable. Ads from this time in history taught young girls to be dependent on those around them, but some teens didn't want that. However, there was no one there to protect them from the social norms that dominated average American life at the time. The "American Dream" was the only option for them and they just had to live with it.