Week 28 in 2D

Limericks, Adjectives, Fractions, Dr. Seuss, Stars

Our Learning Journey--week 28

In 2D this week, we'll be quite busy! Poetry will remain our main focus in reading and writing as student read and write limericks. You might hear a lot of clapping as we work out the rhythm and rhyme. We'll also return to out status of the class activities this week because we completed literature circles last week. I will be asking specific questions on Wednesday for the Reading Response journal and I will be looking for solid sentences with variety, adverbs, and adjectives in their responses. Comparative adjectives, (think strong, stronger, strongest), will be the grammar skill. In math we'll continue to study fractions. There is just so much fun with learning fractions so we are taking our time! In science, we will begin to study stars focusing on the one most important to us--the sun!


Thursday-Vendors' Market

Friday-Seuss Day-Wear Orange-see flyer sent on Friday 3/1

Spelling Test