Political views on issues



Democrats- "Support illegal aliens' ability and right to become citizens and giving them more protections under the law." This states that they believe that immigrants should become american citizens.

Republican- The republicans are the opposite they believe that foreigners are unacceptable to this country . They don't support the immigrants so they built a tight border to keep them away.

Green Party- They believe all immigrants in the US should be able to be in the US. Also they think that immigrants that work should be granted residence.

Constitution Party- The think they should put a pause on immigration to come up with a solution.


Democrats- They agree in limiting the missile defense but disagree in nuclear build up. They believe world peace is possible.

Republicans- They are the opposite, they believe that we need a strong defense in our country. That we should increase the budget towards this.

Green Party- They think we should reduce the arms and strengthen our country by cooperating with other countries.

Constitution Party- They believe we should leave the land, air, space, and sea military under maintenance for now.

Same-Sex Marriage

Democrats- They still remain largely divided in this issue but most of them support it.

Republicans- They don't like the idea of gay rights so they want to ban it.

Green Party- They don't agree with this issue, in fact they wanna ban it as well.

Green Party- They believe and support that gay rights should be accepted because there's nothing wrong with it. No matter what sex, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Constitution Party- "Oppose government recognition of civil unions." I think this is trying to say that this is not important right now compared to other issues or they do not agree to the governments opinion towards it.


Democrats- They advocate this issue because they say it's "safe, legal, rare."

Republicans- These are pro-life they do not agree with abortions.

Green Party- They say it's the women's choice to do what they want with their reproductive system.

Constitution Party- They want to make abortion illegally in all instances.

Gun Control

Democrats- They disagree on this issue, they believe people should not carry a weapon(gun) in public paces.

Republicans- They think they should be able to have a gun but with limits because they agree with the constitution.

Green Party- They don't accept this issue, they believe is mental health problems.

Constitution- They agree on parents carrying weapons for an emergency.