Learning in Our High Speed World

The Impact of Technology on Education: Dan Inemer


Through years and years of improvement, programs and technology have advanced greatly. Learning and technology have slowly formed into the education we have today. The impact of technology on education has made learning faster and more efficient, has helped make researching for information faster than ever and now students can save time and money by using online education. Technology has made learning so much more convenient.

STEM Course Learning

In a recent study in Alabama, an online course called “STEM” was tested on students for a year to see which way of learning produced quicker, more efficient results. The results were as follows: “After one year [Using STEM Learning] the effect on math achievement…amounted to a gain of 2 percentile points--equivalent to about 28 more days of student progress--compared with students receiving conventional math instruction” (Robelen 5). Basically, students using the online program, STEM, received better grades and learned quicker than traditional classroom teaching.

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Advanced Use of Researching

An article that shows the increased use of technology in libraries said, “The internet has made libraries more, not less, relevant. Libraries serve as community technology centers for millions of Americans every day, and investments are needed to ensure these resources are available when they are needed” (Larra Clark, Denise M. Davis, and Norman Rose 50). The use of technology in libraries has significantly boosted the use of libraries in the United States, proving technology has made huge advances in research.

The Benefits of Online Courses

Most college classes are costly, and compared to online classes, a student can easily pay off a class for an online degree. An article on the use of taking online classes stated, “Studies reveal that virtual learning environments provide benefits such as providing worldwide training, increasing learner convenience, and lowering expenses from the administration perspective” (Lakisha L. Simmons and Chris B. Simmons 121). Online classes are significantly increasing due to their many conveniences.
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Technology has improved education because it has made learning a convenience. People argue that the use of technology in education is ruining the “classic” way people have been educated, but the world is changing and technology is helping us stay educated in this high-speed, electronic world. Now everything seems to revolve around technology, but education and learning is definitely keeping up with it. Grades are improving, researching is faster, and students are saving time and money thanks to technology.

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