Protect Our Oceans

Definitions and Characteristics of Overfishing

Overfishing-taking animals from the sea at a faster rate than they can naturally produce. Most incidents occur when people, commercial, and recreational finishers take in as much fish as possible thinking that the more fish they catch, the more profit they will make. The problem with this idea is that over 25% of fish caught are thrown back overboard either dead or severely injured and are unable to reproduce or even swim( this is known as by-catch.) Most fisheries are aware of their problem however, yet illegal fishing almost cancel out the attempt at saving our fish.

Most fishermen target the larger fish or predators which obviously leads to the growth of the smaller species.(population) This natural imbalance can lead to the loss of underwater plants down the road and us having to work more for the same amount of food.

Sustainable fishing- The act of fishing only what we need. A fishing model that makes sure that we don’t endanger the population and the natural structures of the sea during the act of fishing.

Unsustainable fishing- The act of Overfishing which leads to the destruction of natural structures and population of the hunted fish. Is usually associated with different types of “trawling”.

Consequences of Overfishing

The Consequences- Companies know what they are doing killing species but they continue. They don't stop to let the species regrow, they go deeper and kill new species of fish. It is predicted that in 2048 all species we fish for will be EXTINCT. That will mean that the oceans will almost be destroyed and will leave the only living species in the worlds oceans as bacteria. Over the past 55 years yields have dropped lower and lower and fisherman have brought in lower and lower levels of fish all due to Overfishing.

Ways to Help

Ways to Help- There is one clear way to stop Overfishing and that is slow down and lower the amount of fish caught because most of the time almost all of the fish are THROWN AWAY! There should be limits placed on the amount of fish they are allowed to keeps and the time they are allowed to fish during the year so the fish have time to calm down and replenish their population. We could use aquaculture to replace populations of fish that have declined lower than normal.
Overfishing - The consequences

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