If You Use Braille, You'll Never Fail

Helen uses Braille, you should, too!

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How it all started

Louis Braille created Braille when he was only 15 years old. He was blinded by a childhood accident and wanted to find an easier written language for the visually impaired.

What even is Braille?

Braille is an alphabet of raised dots made out of imprints created by a 2x3 board and stylus. There are 64 different combinations of dots that can be used to represent letters, numbers, grammar marks, and more!

How Convenient is Braille?

Braille is one of the most convenient ways to write! You can write Braille almost anywhere. Only a stylus and Braille board are needed to make a Braille message. But, in conventional writing one needs expensive ink and pens which can break easily. Braille is obviously the way to go!

Why you need Braille

Are you visually impaired? Do you feel like you're not getting the most out of life? Then you need Braille! Braille makes life so much more fulfilling. By learning to write Braille, you can communicate with many different people. Braille is a great investment of your time!
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What I Learned About Braille

Braille was created by a 15 year old French boy and comes in many different languages. It is created using a special peg board and stylus. It is used all over the world to help visually impaired people read and write.

When Braille was first created it was used mainly to ease literature and education of the visually impaired. Now it is used for everyday messages, on signs, and also in books to make reading easier. No matter the time, Braille has made it easier for visually impaired people to read and write.

My Persuasive Techniques

I used the testimonial technique because most people are familiar with Helen Keller and her successful life story.

I used the repetition technique because it kinda just happened that way. There's not many synonyms for Braille.

I used the compare and contrast technique to show that Braille is far better than conventional writing.