Modern Japan

Abby and Alex


  • Strong government

    • Adapted to German Model

    • Meiji Constitution

    • Bureaucracy

  • There was a lot of revolting against government

  • Meiji Transformation

    • Replaced rigid feudal order with new political social order

    • Society matched the industrial economy

  • Military enrollment


  • They were able to trade with other countries because they are an island and have access to oceans

  • They could be invaded easily because they were surrounded by oceans

  • They had many ports that were used for trade and many other things

    • They are an archipelago- a group of islands

    • Size of Montana

    • Can easily be invaded by many countries like England and the US

    • Has 4 main islands

    • Only has a few navigable rivers

    • ⅘ of Japan is covered in mountains

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  • Homogeneous society- people sharing a common culture and language

  • Economic growth

  • Adapting ideas from China

  • Determined to resist foreign rule

  • Strong government

  • Powerful military

    • They expanded their power

    • The tale of Genji- popular novel

    • Martial arts

    • Smart in mathematics
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