Ethan Adams and Samuel Fang

What is heroin?

Heroin is an opioid drug, partly man-made and partly natural. It is composed of morphine and made from a morphine plant.

How is heroin abused?

Mixed with water and injected with needle or smoked/snorted

How does heroin affect the brain?

-provides a rush of good feeling clouded thinking

-to become sleepy after taking heroin

-heart rate and breathing slowed


What are other effects of heroin?

-sick stomach



-increased risk of HIV or hepatitis


-damaged organs

Can you get addicted to heroin?

Yes, very addictive and enters the brain very quickly. Heroin produces fast & intense high

Can you die from using heroin?

Overdosing = death

Heroin slows or stops breathing which can also lead to death.

How many teens abuse this drug?

In eighth grade 30% have abused heroin and by 12th grade, 50% have abused it. As students grow older, the more abuse heroin.

What should you do if someone needs help?

Call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline @1-800-273-TALK '


Substance Abuse Treat Faculty 1-800-662-HELP