Respiratory System Notes

By: Italia, Lauren, Amelia, MacKenzie

Sugar Plums and Toys

As visions of Sugar Plums dance in you head, you lungs are hard at work. You probably won't be thinking about breathing at all on Christmas Eve, but your lungs are fueling your body with air. You might not know a whole lot about the process of respiration, explore this site to find out more. Santa can wait for later.

Main Functions

The main purpose and function of the Respiratory System to supply the blood with oxygen in order for the blood to deliver oxygen to all parts of the body. The Respiratory System does this through breathing. You can't breath without your Respiratory System and the organs it's made up of. Like the Lungs which help you breath, the nose which takes in air, the pharynx which provides a passageway for oxygen. Also the trachea which protects the respiratory track, and lastly the bronchi and it's job is to carry air in and out of the lungs.

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Each day, we breath about 20,000 times

how does it work

Every time you breath, your body takes in a gas called oxygen. The oxygen is rushed throughout the body and into the lungs. The lungs hold the air until the body is done breaking apart the air into energy. (This only takes about a second,) and then you exhale. This gets rid of all the extra gas; Carbon Dioxide.

The lungs take in air and separate the oxygen from other gasses and also to supply the oxygen to the blood and finally to exhale the carbon dioxide from your body.

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