Heinrich Himmler

Nazi general


heinrich himmler , reich leader of the ss the nazi party from 1929 to 1945 heinrich miller was the second most powerful man in germany during world war two he was responsible for conceiveing and overseeing implementation called the final solution it was the to get rid of all jews of europe .himmler was born into a middle class conservative , catholic , family in murich germany on 1929 adolf hitler the leader of the nazi party appointed himmler which in 1929 he totaled 280 men ,in january 1933 the ss numbered more than 52000 men. On march 9 1933 he was appointed provisional president of police in munich three weeks later he was commander of the barvarian political police.

Himmlers attempt

Himmler attemped to transmit an offer of surrender to the commander to the chief of the alied forces . when Hitler hears of the attempt he strips Himmler of all his offices and orders his arrest

hitlers death

Hittler commits suicide on april 30 1945 so himmler is left as the right hand of hittler and took over for a few days until nazi germany signs a surrender document

heinrich himmlers death

a few days after hitlers death himmler commints suicide knowing he was going to be defeated my the alied forces and the rest of the world was at last at peace
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