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Mrs P's Majestics Stella & Dot Team 21st November 2014

This Week's Top Tip

Making the most of Fairs & Events

Firstly, don't expect to sell a lot (or anything), the main reason to do events is to meet new leads for hostesses and new stylists. Fairs are not for everyone, but they are good for growing your business, the trick is getting the most out if them.

When booking, check that there isn't already an SD Stylist booked, ask how many jewellery stalls are allowed. I always send a look book to the organiser with my booking form as she is my first potential. It helps if it is a regular event (monthly/yearly etc) as they have bigger footfall than new events. Remember that we have an advantage of being able to take card payments as well as our delight guarantee. Schools tend to be better than other events as you are guaranteed a good turnout.

If you are paying a table fee, don't pay a percentage of sales as well, try and negotiate. If you are asked to donate a raffle prize, give them a voucher for an hour of Styling with three friends, you can print this yourself and enclose it with a look book. Ask in our Facebook group if someone has a template you can use.

On the day, get there early, get set up with a boutique-style display (minimal is best) try not to look like TKMaxx! 5 items to a tray, display some gift boxes with ribbon to demonstrate gifting. Display the host rewards and the stylist opportunity posters.

Introduce yourself to the other stallholders & get their details too, other stallholders are all potential Stylists/Hostesses/Customers and are a valuable source of information on other events & locations where you can take your business.

Do a free prize draw, we do this to get leads. There is a document in the Stylist Lounge called TELL ME MORE, print it out and cut it up. Your prize could be a piece of jewellery (under £20, or a voucher for an hours styling session etc). Ask people if they would like to enter your draw, get them to fill in their details while you talk to them about S&D, offer a TS etc. There are boxes for them to tick on the form.

Some people like to take their purchases on the day, so have some spare boxes & some change for people paying with cash. Remember we can't take credit card payments under £40 without incurring £3.95 shipping. I usually take cash for items under £40 and give them the item from my display. I then re-order this item next time I place an order for myself. Remember when taking card payments to also get the billing address and a phone number.

If you are a new Stylist, it's important to remember that we make more money per hour by far by doing Trunk Shows. Trunk Shows are the heart of our business and should be your main focus during your first few months.

Good luck!

Stock: what's in, what's out & what's coming!

Get in the habit of checking the product alert list on the Stylist Lounge, it is updated everyday with what's in and out of stock.

Any time now we will have the discontinued list, this will list items which will not be part of the Spring/Summer 2015 look book launching in January. They will still be available to sell until they run out. More on this when we get the list, most of the current collection will be staying, we usually get about 20% new pieces mixed with 80% of current pieces.

Top Tip: sell what you have! Don't get caught up in not having all of the big pieces or new pieces... People tend to buy what you put on the table, so the key issue is making sure that what you display is in stock. At this busy time, I am not putting out any pieces which are low in stock on the product alert list. I find I am selling what I put on the table!!!

Sneak peeks of Spring/Summer 2015

Team Christmas Lunch! - Book asap

Thanks to those of you have already paid or told me that you can't make it.

Please let me know if you plan on joining us for our Christmas Party on 14th December, it will be a wonderful finish to the season and lots of fun...

Menu & payment info further down page


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Head Office Training This Week

Leader Call, Monday 24th November, 2.30pm

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Welcome to Leadership, Tuesday 25th November, 10.00

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Business Blitz, Tuesday 25th November, 11.00am

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New Stylist Training Webinar, Tuesday 25th November, 1.00pm

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Director Call, Wednesday 26th November, 2.00pm

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Become a Stylist Call, Wednesday 26th November, 8.00pm

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Tips from the top: Susan Arumemi Bookings from your TS, Thursday 27th November, 11.00am

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