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Orthodontist Dr. Sarah Jovanovski in Round Rock

Why is it important that my child in Round Rock Texas see an orthodontist? Well, Dr. Sarah Jovanovski, specializing in orthodontics, tells us that a straight smile plays a big role in others image of our first impression when we meet someone new Dental Implants Austin.

Crooked teeth can be difficult to manage and can greatly affect self-confidence. These conditions can become harder to repair as we age, which is why visiting an orthodontist early on is essential to have a healthy smile.The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends an evaluation as early as the age of seven. Dr. Sarah Jovanovski says that almost 90 percent of her young patients are on "recall," meaning they will come in for a check-up to make sure everything looks fine, and if the teeth are coming in the way they are supposed to. Schedule an appointment to have your child evaluated.