Social responsibilities in society

McKayla Geddings

Fair and reasonable prices

Businesses have to provide their products at fair and reasonable prices.If a business has unreasonable or unfair prices then their business is going to suffer because their aren't a lot of people that are going to pay high money for something that should only cost a few dollars.They have to do this in order to have successful customer satisfaction.
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Avoid unlawful advertisements

Businesses have to avoid misleading information in their advertisements.False or misleading advertisements can destroy a business and their services.False advertisements can make people think that they are receiving something that they aren't and once they get it they are disappointed because they were expecting something else.
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Customer satisfaction commitment

Businesses have to commitment to customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction can be experienced in a variety of situations and connected to both goods and services. It is a highly personal assessment that is greatly affected by customer expectations. Satisfaction also is based on the customer’s experience of both contact with the organization and personal outcomes.
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Social responsibility that I feel is most important

I think that the most important social responsibility of a business is customer satisfaction.Customer satisfaction is so important because it's how well that the customers feel about the products or services that are being provided to them.Customers satisfaction can make or break a service or business especially because word spreads quickly for good or bad quality services.