Chapter 1 Responses

The 21st Century Classroom

How do you define 21st century skills?

21st century skills should be having the ability to tackle a challenging problem using resources, tools, and peer input in a creative way.

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What qualities or abilities would you add to the list provided in this chapter?

The original list included:

  • possess creativity
  • communicate effectively
  • think critically
  • solve problems and find creative solutions
  • work collaboratively
  • leverage technology successfully
  • demonstrate the ability to be innovative

My additions would be...

What role should technology play in cultivating these skills?

Technology has a place...

Technology should be used as a tool and a means to getting results for a problem. It may not be used every time . The driving force for these skills is the problem and technology cannot be used to uplift or enhance the skills needed to solve the problem.

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