Welcome 2016

Who's ready to make this YEAR the best one YET?!

What's Your Word for 2016?

We've been hearing all about this on our FB pages and from Keep-Collective. So have your decided what you want out of 2016? What are you going to work toward this year? Let's all share our goals because WE are the best support! My word for 2016 is HAPPY!
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2016 Goals

I'm going to be completely transparent and share with you my goals for myself and the Keystone Suns this year! YOU are all extremely amazing women and I wouldn't be here without you! So...let's share and declare! MY GOAL: To share the Keep love to many more people this year. To be HAPPY. I WILL be STAR Designer! And ultimately (fingers crossed) Associate Director Team by the end of 2016.

What will you work for this year? To have 2-3 socials a month? To save enough to attend Hoopla? To create a team? I want to hear from YOU!

The best is seriously YET to come!

I know some of you didn't have the best start but let's forget about that! Because this is a NEW YEAR and time for a NEW START! Let's get together and make a plan to make this year unforgettable! We have 8 months until HOOPLA! Let's break it down so we can plan ahead so that the ENTIRE Keystone Suns team is there.

There were only 500 Designers at the 2015 Hoopla and I KNOW we will double, maybe TRIPLE, that attendance this year. So who's going with me?! And...if we all commit to it, I will have a suite for all of us to hang out in one place! What's better than that?!

Keep Hoopla 2015

Upcoming Key Dates

January 7th - Opportunity Webinar! Invite your past hostesses or friend who you think would LOVE being a Keep Designer!

January 19th - Spring 2016 Sampling begins. You can still earn 50% OFF by qualifying BEFORE sampling if you didn't qualify in December (qualify = 300 PQV).

January 21st - Customer Launch of Spring 2016

January 27th - Opportunity Webinar! Can't make the event? Send the link!

January 31st - LAST DAY for the new Designer incentive (receive an extra $50 when joining)

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Senior Designer ~ Leader of the Keystone Suns

Want to make a plan for success? Let's schedule a coaching call/OOVOO chat to talk! I'm here via FB messenger, text, or cell!