Connection between USA and Canada

Made By: Callie Fleming

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Canada and the United States share the worlds largest trade relationship and has a trading border of 5,525 miles long which also supports millions of jobs, Their border is also a free trade border. The North American Free Trade Agreement has made their trading relationship so strong that we exchanged approximately $ 1.5 million in goods and services every one minute in 2013. Their relationship also leads to Canada being America's single largest foreigner supplier of energy, Canada also is the third largest holder in oil! Canada and America have a high volume bilateral trade which holds more than $ 2 billion a day in goods and services.


300,000 American and Canadians both pass the border to everyday! Also, Canada and America both have cultural ties between modern day Canada and America, so both nations prominently speak English.
Let's go back in History...
In the late 1900s and early 2000th century, about 900,000 French Canadians moved to America and by the late 20th century the french language was abandoned but the catholic religion was kept. Twice as many English Canadian came to the US but didn't form distinctive ethnic settlements.


Both America and Canada have democratic views but both have different types of government, America has a a Federal Presidential Constitution Republic and Canada has a Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy. Canada is a democratic constitutional monarchy, The sovereign as the head of state, the elected prime minister as head of government, and the federal system as parliamentary government. The government responsibilities and functions are shared between federal,provincial, and territorial government. The federal responsibilities are carried out by monarchy, executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government. Health care in Canada is delivered through publicly funded healthcare systems, and is mostly free at point of use. Also, guided by provisions of the Canada heath care act, the government assures the quality of care through federal standards. The government doesn't participate in day to day care or collect any information about the person's heath, this is confidential between the person and the doctor.


The Economic and social part go together showing how Economic pulls can increase populations, for example In the mid and late 19th century gold rushes attracted American Prospectors mostly to British Columbia and later to the Yukon. These gold rushes included the Caribo and Fraser gold rushes.

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