Virgin Islands, United States

perfect paradise


In the North Atlantic Ocean, North of Puerto Rico. The exact location of Charlotte Amalie: (capital city) 18° 20' N, 64° 55' W.
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The gorgeous coastlines with white sand beaches, lush, green hillsides sweeping down to the bright turquoise waters, rugged mountains and green plains create a beautiful spectacle for the senses.

You'll sometimes hear St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix called "the three sisters", with St. Croix referred to as the "distant step-sister", since it is less like the other two islands, and farther away from them, than they are from each other.

The islands are volcanic in origin, and are believed to have been formed about 100 million years ago.St. Thomas and St. John are just a couple of miles apart, on an east-west orientation, with St. Thomas to the west and St. John to the east. They're also fairly similar to each other in size and terrain.

St. Croix, on the other hand, is forty miles south of its two "sisters", and is bigger than the other two islands combined. Its terrain is also distinct, being less extremely hilly, with more flat land as well as a more gently, less sharply contoured coastline.

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Trunk Bay, St John (up)


weather has a large affect, some people like the cold so they won't move there, some people like a tropical climate so they will move.

human-environment interaction

The U.S. Virgin island natural resources are coral reefs and Mango forest. The tourism is the main economic activities on virgin island. Virgin island population in 1960 was 32,00, in 1990 the population was 103,963, in 2012 the population was 105,275. There population in creased rapidly intel about 2000 then they started slowly going down.


Virgin islands is part of Latin America. Virgin islands is in central america