The followers of Judaism are called Jews

All About Judaism

The followers of Judaism are called Jews . They believe that God is the source of morality, knowing right and wrong, Some Jewish people eat Kosher food with no pork init. They celebrate the entrance into the congregation when a boy or girl turns 13 years old. They worship in a synagogues where a Rabbi teaches about Jewish beliefs. The holy book is known as the Torah. Some of the days that they celebrate as holy days begin at sunset and end the next evening. The new years is called Rosh Hashanah and end is called Yom Kippur. They also celebrate Passover which celebrates God's rescue of the slaves from Egypt. Hanukkah is when Jews Celebrate the miracle of oil that lasted eight days with only one day supply..In the Synagogues they worship to their God. Common Holy sites for the Jews is the Western Wall sometimes called the Wailing Wall located in Jerusalem.

What these three religions have in common

#1- All three believe in one God and Abraham.

#2-They have believe prophets and study a holy book

#3. They believe that Jerusalem is a holy city

#4. Believe in after life