Media Monday - Vol. 29

Print, Cut, and Fold - Creative Technology Projects

Print, Cut, and Fold - Creative Technology Projects for Hands-on Learning

We now have the Print, Cut, and Fold series of books in the professional section of the library! These books containg 40-50 hands-on, interactive activities for you to use with your students. We have the Print, Cut, and Fold books for Math, Language Arts, Science, and Grades K-2. They are aligned with the TEKS and have engaging activities to use for project based learning and to support your curriculum needs. The books have examples of the templates that are available, but all the templates are edit-friendly so that you can adjust it for your grade level and lesson design. The tempates are all loaded on the desktop of the computer in the library that sits next to the color printer. The books are available for checkout but if you want to design your own activity, then you will need to work on that computer. Examples of engaging activity styles available are: cascading flip books, dioramas, filmstrip, flap books, folding Venn diagrams, pocket portfolios, stretch books, pyramids, tabbed books, fan deck, clue squares, plus many more.