by Hannah D.


The Comanches lived in the Southern plains . They were fierce warriors they hunted buffalo

On horse back .

When they went into war the took people's head and scalped them by cutting off all of your hair and leaving the brain the Comanches were the ones to scare other tribes during war .


For Culture they use bright face paint and the chief wore a head dress made out if feathers made out if turkey feathers. When they would scalp people they thought that it would not let them have a after life. That they would only do that so the an make your soul still live.


They mostly wore buffalo hide to keep warm in the winter but in the other seasons they take all of the fur and cut all of it off and make differs clothes for men,woman, kids and baby's.


The mostly eat buffalo so they travel with them and try eat turkey. They use them for different things .They let the buffalo meat dry so it will last longer and used the rest of the buffalo for many things.


The buffalo hide can make there homes the hide is warm and it thick so it that helps a lot because its stable. Since there were a lot of buffalo they made the tents huge 10 or less people could fit in the tent. They are easy to take down because there are sticks and hide and that's.