By Matthew Hohenbrink

Section 1

  • There are many characters in "Sounder" who show perserverance. Sounder kept himself alive instead of letting himself die and lose the pain to make his master’s son happy. The boy’s mother kept waiting for her husband to return for years and years and years and years. The boy’s father kept working and working just so he could see his family again. The boy kept trying to find his father even though he got scared and ended up hurt a lot.

Section 2

  1. Article (Jackie Robinson) Jackie Robinson was a great baseball player who accepted lots of abuse based on his skin color. Even with all that he did many great things. He even helped inspire parts of the Civil Rights movement. He, like his baseballs, was tricky and amazing. There may never be another person like him.

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Section 3 Dog Video

  1. In the video, it shows a young child happily playing with several dogs. Parts are different to Sounder, in the fact that, instead of a little youngling playing with lots of doggies, it was the boy going hunting with 1 dog, Sounder. Also there are varying levels of degree with many of the actual similarities. But also many parts are similar as shown in the similarities shown below. There are many cases in the video where the boy and his dogs have similarities to Sounder and the boy. A dog got hurt but a lot less than Sounder did. In both cases the child did a lot of things with the dog(s). They had some fun. Here's a link to the youtube video.

Opinion of Statement: Everyone has the right to food, shelter, and safety.

I agree with this for several reasons. It just isn’t right to let a person die from starvation and other horrible deaths like it. You wouldn’t like it in that situation. Basically letting people die is kinda like murder which is super illegal.

Father, Daughter, Dog

  • A Father, a Daughter, and Dog. There are several bits and pieces that show how similar these stories are. For one thing, both stories contain a dog that seems pretty hurt like Sounder missing an eye. In both tales the dog’s master’s child tries to help their dad. But there are also many differences in these stories. Such as the fact that Cheyenne and Sounder died in a different level of hurt. Also, “Dad” is much more angry than the boy’s father.