Alaska Highlights

An Unforgettable Memory

"There's no Place like Alaska"

There are just some destinations that it seems like everyone says that you have to visit at least once. Paris and New York city are certainly at the top of that list, but one of the destinations that I've heard as much as any other is Alaska. When most people hear the word "Alaska" They think Cold, North, Isolated, Dangerous. But there is much more to this lovely state. Welcome to the "Land of the midnight sun"

A Ticket To Adventure

If you are the kind of person who loves chilling at the hotel or hanging out in the hot tub then that's the way you want to spend your vacation. But if you truly want to grasp Alaska's welcome feeling the you have to visit some of Alaska's Famous Attractions.

For example:


-Whale watching

-Zip lining

-Helicopter tours

-Rock Climbing

-Mountain hiking


- Ice fishing

First Impressions of Alaska

The Famous Crown PLaza

If there is any place to stay in Alaska, then it is Crown Plaza. With the warm hospitality and kind employees, It is close to home. You have to visit there!

Famous Alaskan Music

One Hour Before The Trip ~ Vagabond