Federal Court

By zach

Court equal justice for all

Courts settle civil disputes between private parties, a private party and the government, or the United States and a state or local government.

US District Court

District court are the federal courts where trails are held and lawsuits begin. All states have at least one. District courts have original jurisdiction, district courts hear both civil and criminal cases.

US court appeals

This is for people who lose in a district court often appeal to the next highest level which is US court appeals. Appeal courts review decisions made in lower district courts, this is appellate jurisdiction the authority to hear a case appealed from a lower court.

Thirteenth appeals court

This court appeals for Federal Circuit, has nationwide jurisdiction. These courts do not hold trials, instead have a panel of judges reviews the case records and listens to arguments from lawyers on both sides.

Federal Judges

Each district court has 2 at least, each appeals court has six to twenty seven, and Supreme court has nine justices.

President Appoints all

President appoints all federal judges, with the Senates approval. These judges serve for life,a judge can only be removed through impeachment.


They decide whether accused people should be held in jail or released on bail. Each district court has these and they do much of the judge's routine work.

US attorney and US marshals

Every federal judicial district has a US attorney. They look into charges and present the evidence in court.

Every federal judicial district also has a US marshal, they make arrest, collect fines, and take convicted people to prison.