What's up in 2D!

Weekly happenings in the life of a second grader

Lunch Room Helpers!

Please sign up to spend some extra time with your student and their friends during lunch. We would love the extra help with cafeteria duty.


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October 21st - October 25th is Red Ribbon Week!

Monday- Team up against drugs! Wear your team jersey or uniform!

Tuesday- Our Future is Bright! Wear neon colors and crazy socks!

Wednesday- Dress for college success! Go all out in your college colors!

Thursday- Character is our Super Hero! Dress like a superhero!

Friday- Go all out RED! Wear red clothing!

October 25th is the end of the 1st Nine Weeks!

October 28th Homework begins!
Look for more information about this coming soon!

8 Expectations

1. We will value one another as unique and special individuals!
2. We will not laugh at or make fun of a person's mistakes nor use sarcasm or put downs!
3. We will use good manners saying, "please," "thank you," and "excuse me," and allow others to go first.
4. We will cheer each other to SUCCESS!
5. We will help one another whenever possible!
6. We will recognize every effort and applaud it!
7. We will encourage each other to do our best!
8. We will practice virtuous living using the life principles!

The Life Principles

1. Courtesy - we will be discussing the meaning and importance of the word.

2. Effort -doing one's best in an endeavor. Ask your learner if they are giving their best effort at school!

3. Compassion: ability to share another's feelings or ideas.

4. Respect - paying proper attention or showing consideration to others.

You are a genius and the world needs your contribution!

Here's what we need to KNOW!

Math: This week we are starting something new in math. We will be working to complete our first math menu. Students will be given choices of the activities they wish to complete to demonstrate their knowledge of money. This will allow each individual student to work at his or her own independent level. Ask your learner which activities they have chosen to complete this week for their math menu!

Science: We are finishing up our unit on insects. This week students will have the opportunity to design their own bug in which they will describe its' life cycle, anatomy and adaptations. Can't wait to see what they come up with!

Language Arts: This week we are working on sequencing and retelling the beginning middle and end of stories. We will be working on this task in reading as well as in writing. When you are reading with your learner at home ask them to recall the beginning, middle and end of the book. This will improve their comprehension.

Social Studies: Today we did some research on Christopher Columbus. We learned some pretty interesting facts. Ask your learner to tell you about what they know. We will be using our research to write an expository paper about Christopher Columbus.

Wish List!

If you would like to help out here are a few items we could use in 2D!

  • colored copy paper
  • 2 sets of ear buds for student use