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Learn about Cards For A Cause

What is Cards For a Cause?

Cards for a Cause (CFAC) is a fundraising opportunity through Usborne Books & More. We offer high-quality, hand-crafted greeting cards for an affordable price that allows organizations to raise money fairly simply!

Any UBAM consultant, new or established, can offer this fundraiser to any one that could benefit from a fundraiser. (If it's a school group, check with your Team Leader to make sure the school is not "listed" by another consultant.) It is an excellent way to expand your business beyond Facebook parties and books, and offer another aspect of Usborne Books & More to your community.

We offer 4 boxes to choose from - All Occasion (green), All Occasion (blue), Thanks & Blanks, and Happy Birthday Box for Kids - each contains 30 cards for $30 in a sturdy, decorative, reusable box.

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Who could benefit?

There are two main types of groups to look for when offering CFAC:

- Organizations (daycares/preschools, church groups, local non-profits, groups with a designated fundraising “department”/person): These groups could potentially be tax exempt based on your state laws.

- Private groups (families raising money for an adoption, an individual raising money for a mission trip or battling health problems, groups of self-assembling citizens): These groups are most likely not tax-exempt and will be responsible for sales tax on each box.

How to Get Started:

Watch this video to learn some tips on getting started and how to approach organizations/individuals who may be interested in doing a CFAC Fundraiser:
CFAC: How to Get Started

How Does it Work?

Collect orders for about 2 weeks. This is customizable for each fundraiser, but consider that the longer the group is collecting orders, the longer the customers will wait for their orders.

When collecting orders, checks need to be made out to the organization.

Once the fundraiser ends, the organization pays you, consultant, $17 (+tax on the $17, if applicable) per box and keeps their portion of the funds. This is a big perk to point out as the organization has their funds immediately and doesn’t have to wait to be reimbursed by your or UBAM.

- WHO IS SALES TAX EXEMPT: Sales Tax Exemption status varies greatly by state. I recommend either Googling “(Your State) Sales Tax Exemption Laws” or talking with other local consultants who have experience with sales tax exemptions.

-Boxes are delivered to ONE location and shipping is free. This location can be you, the consultant, so that you can check the contents of the boxes & accuracy of the order before delivering to the organization, or, especially if it is a rather large order, they can be delivered directly to the organization. *NO PO BOXES*

- There is a 15 box minimum to receive free shipping & the $17/box pricing!

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What's in it for me (the consultant)?

- CFAC is a fantastic way to give back & help others!

- It's a boost in sales anytime of the year! Keep your sales totals up - you earn sales credit for the FULL $30/box (not just the $17 we get from the organization) and this counts towards promotion goals, incentive period goals, and even trip incentives!

- You earn $3 commission per box (10% of $30/box). This is less than the regular 25%, but our efforts are much less as the organization does the "leg work" to collect orders and pass them in!

- CFAC is a way for us to showcase our exception customer care as consultants by being able to personalize the fundraiser to the group’s needs, as well as provide personal attention from start to finish.


Documents and Images:

You can find current graphics, flyers, and order forms in our UBAM Home Office Branding Group here: (Just search "Cards for a Cause") or ask your UBAM upline or consultant


To Submit a CFAC order - watch the video tutorial below!

Entering CFAC in OrderPro

Online Events:

You can also run your fundraisers online by using a JotForm or Google Doc that allows you to collect information from those who would like to order. It's still best to keep the fundraiser local so that the organization can still have all the boxes ship to them for free and distribute (without needing to worry about shipping to those who aren't local). Here is an example of a JotForm that you can import and edit, or get an idea of what you would want in one you would create:


The videos shown below are embedded in the JotForm and can be watched by simply clicking the images. A BIG thanks to Lesly Christensen for sharing this!

Video link to see example contents:

Happy Fundraising!