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The way i Gone to live in Mexico Metropolis

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4 January 30, 2008 Guatemala City We arrived in Guatemala City yesterday just before 1:00pm and our friends were waiting for us. It was so comforting to see their faces among the sizeable bunch of people. They took us promptly to our apartment that's literally just a couple of blocks from the airport. Unbelievable! There is just so much happening that I really couldn't take-it all-in. My friend and associate has worked for more than a month to assist us in finding our apartment and getting it rented and she had a dozen pink roses on the cocktail table, groceries in the fridge and pantry, utilities on...subsequently the proprietor of the apartment and her daughter came over to personally give us the keys and also to welcome us to the building. I do not know how it's spelled but all-i could think of to say was, "I am verklempt!" Mike Meyers had it right. Significantly, I was so overwhelmed that I had to fight to keep it together.

This raises an important point when going to any new place to work. You must have some links in place for many months ahead of your departure. I'd cultivated a *connection with a fellow trainer who lives in Guatemala City during coaching training at JFKU in San Diego, CA.

The second most important thing you have to have in order to proceed to an exotic place with the idea of working and living there is HAZARD. Yes, that four letter work, threat. There's usually some risk involved once you step out of your comfort zone.

That said, the third most significant thing you should have in place in a *straight back up plan. Do not burn your bridges, sell your home or otherwise put yourself in a dead end in terms of options. Remember, alternatives are our pals.

Having a sense of adventure makes many thoughts possible and raise your potential to experience not just a brand new culture, but the more innate qualities within yourself and others. Keep reading if you need to experience a bit more of my own first person accounts of my own start in Guatemala City.

Over the last few months, I have seen over and over again the generosity of the folks who are in my personal life and I'm humbled and full of gratitude beyond measure. In-the months leading up to our departure, our family and friends offered us adoring support and warm shelter when dwelling on the houseboat in December just wasn't fun any more. All of my life I've fought under the weight of my own "I do not matter, I am in the way" narrative and it has entombed me in a solitary spot in which I can't get the generosity and support of others. The more costly aspect of the personal story is that because I did not know how exactly to receive, I also didn't know the way to give freely. I would forfeit all I own and all that I've known to understand that one important lesson. And, as it turns out, learning how to give-and to receive totally might be the lesson of my life. Only time will tell.

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