Logging into Blackboard

A simple flyer for when you are having trouble.

Go to the LNHS website

When you first type in lnhs.liberty.k12.mo.us, this will be your first home screen. There are many links to different types of information that you can access from here, but you need to find the Blackboard link.
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Which one is Blackboard?

Looking more closely, you can see the first big box on the left says Blackboard, right above powerschool. This will take you to the login screen.
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Logging in

After you hit the Blackboard link, your page will jump to this screen.

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Your username and password

You then type in the box, your username and your password that you received when you first enter Liberty Public Schools. The number you use to get your lunch and to log on to your computer.
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Welcome To Blackboard

You are now on the Blackboard website, you can see at the top are your enrolled classes and have links to your teachers blackboard that has all the work that you need on it.
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