Illegal Immigrants

by Chris Martinez

Should illegal immigrants be allowed to come or stay in the US?

Illegal immigrants should not be allowed to come or stay in the US because, they cost Americans important things and, shouldn't be in the US in the first place to begin with. An

Background information

In the beginning the US didn't even have any laws on illegal immigration up until the late 1800's. It was universally acknowledged that immigrants were good for business: the United States was growing rapidly and there was an endless demand for laborers. Unless the government could prove you were a serious criminal, you were essentially free to immigrate to the U.S. with no inquiry or intervention from authorities. As it has been throughout history, many recent U.S. immigration laws still tend to be reactionary to current events and xenophobic fears. Concerns about rising unemployment and terrorism have been at the forefront of the new immigration debate. Taxpayers pay dearly for this, illustrating the high cost of so-called "cheap labor" for some unscrupulous employers and their political allies who for decades have watered down immigration laws. For example, in California alone, as of 2004 the net cost of illegal immigration to taxpayers is estimated to be nearly $9 billion annually.

"Evidence for thesis statement

An author of an article named Newman found that, "Its terrible that hard-working Americans cant even reap the benefits we're supposed to have in our own country but illegal immigrants get jobs and welfare." The author is saying that even though immigrants are illegal they still get better job offers than Americans do. Newman also found that,"At a warehouse where he recently submitted an application, he couldn't even find somebody who spoke English to give his application to. "Why do they do that? It's because immigrants will work for nothing." The author is saying Immigrants can get more job opportunities because they will most likely work for nothing. Another author named Izumi found that,"Although almost three-quarters of the children of illegal immigrants were born in the United States and are therefore citizens, had their parents not entered the U.S. illegally these children likely wouldn't be in U.S. public schools and wouldn't require taxpayer funding. Thus, it's fair to say that their education cost stems from their parents' illegal entry into this country." The author is saying that because of the illegal immigrants putting their children into the education system its costing people to have to pay more taxes to the government. An author named Camarota found that, "If we actually enforced our immigration laws and encouraged more illegal immigrants to return home, we could significantly reduce the size of the uninsured population." The author is saying that because of illegal immigration it has caused a lot of people to be uninsured but, if we enforce our immigration laws we can drop the number of uninsured people. An author named Cave found that,"It did not show up in statistics — the unemployment rate in Santa Rosa County was 3.6 percent in 2007, below state and national averages — so the arguments focused in part on unfair competition. Donna Tucker, executive director of the Santa Rosa County Chamber of Commerce, said illegal immigration “creates havoc within the system” because businesses that used illegal labor often did not pay into workers’ compensation funds and paid workers less." The author is saying that Because immigrants are willing to work for a lot less than most Americans, businesses will hire them so they don't have to pay as much and the american will end up being unemployed.


Some people would say that Illegal immigrants are innocent because they sneak across to job opportunities to support themselves and their families. Although that may be true for some, others do it for drug trafficking and/or sex trafficking.
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This picture is saying that even though the government says we could have public benefits for immigrants the people still don,t want them here because of the tax its costing them.