Mexican Long-nosed Bat

Endangered since 1988

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Ecological Importance

Since these bats are nectar feeders there is an important relationship between the bats and the agave flower. Total niche species. Not only do they get the nectar but they also get minerals and vitamins from the pollen itself. They also are spreading that ish. Because they are so specialized they follow the blooming patterns of the agave. They travel in a true squad, sometimes as many as a thousand bats in one cave.

Economical Importance

Since they spread the agave pollen they help with the growth of the plant which can then be used to make alcohol so we can all get shit faced!
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Reason for endangerment

The bats breeding numbers fluctuate drastically, so much so that they were added to the endangered species list. Some years there are as many as 10,000 bats in their most common breeding grounds and the next year there are none. Because their migratory patters are consistent it is hard to understand this drastic change; but there is speculation about a decrease in food sources and roosting sights for the specialized bats. Their roosting sights have to be perfect so a disturbance of just one can f-up up to 10,000 of these mofos. Dat agave is also being used more and more in liquor so those damn Mexicans are taking their food source.

Should we let these long tongued mo-fos stay on the list?

Why the hell not? All they want to do is have some agave nectar during the night time, they aren't hurting anyone. Mad respect for you bats!