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May 2021

April 2021 Heartbeat Award: Maha Khan

Crowley Summer Programs for K thru' 8 Students

Crowley ISD is offering a variety of free summer learning programs for special education students. Registration deadline is May 21st. Details and registration links below:

Deaf Youth Literacy Camp -for students attending Crowley Regional Day School Program for the Deaf

Extended School Year -determined by ARD committee

Savvy Spenders Camp -for students who attend participate in Functional Academics Class

S.A.I.L. Camp -for students who participate in Life Skills or RISE class

Summer Intensive -for students receiving special education services in a general education setting.

The Lion's Club Showed Appreciation for Special Education Teachers & Para-Professionals by Delivering Personalized Cookies

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Parkway Life Skills' Baby CHICKS Have Hatched!


Monday, May 10th, 6:30-8:30 pm

at Crowley Middle School

This is our last Sibshop for this school year. If you have a typically developing child age 8-14 who would enjoy getting together with other kids who have a sibling with special needs, we'd love them to join us! For details and to register, click here

Reunión para Padres de Educación Especial

Lunes, 17 de mayo, 1:30-2:30 pm

Aquí tiene la oportunidad de conversar en español con otros padres: ¿Qué ha funcionado mejor para su familia? ¿Le gustaría escuchar y compartir algunos consejos sobre cómo enfrentar un desafío que esté ocurriendo? Esta reunión es un foro informal para apoyarse y animarse unos a otros. Venga a compartir su sabiduría, obtenga consejos útiles y simplemente disfrute un poco de tiempo con otros adultos en estos tiempos desafiantes. Regístrese aquí para asegurarse de recibir la invitación de zoom.

Suggestions for Summertime from your Physical Therapist

Summer is almost here! As you start making your summer schedule, don’t forget to plan some time to keep your child working on his/her gross motor skills. Here are a few ideas to try that incorporate strength, balance and coordination:

1) Pretend to be an animal – Have your child help pick several animals to try to imitate. See how long both of you can keep going. Some examples:

Hop like a bunny or frog

Slither like a snake

Crawl like a bear (Figure A)

Do a crab walk forward and backward

Walk in a squatting position like a duck or chicken

Do donkey kicks (Figure B)

Waddle like a penguin

Stand on one leg like a flamingo

Flap your arms and fly like a bird or butterfly

2) Side steps – The outer hip muscles are important in providing stability. Try to strengthen them by having your child walk sideways on a line or curb. Or hold their hands and dance to a song while encouraging them to mainly move to the side or backwards.

3) Modified hopscotch – Try this if hopping on one leg is too difficult for your child. On a standard hopscotch pattern, when you get to a single square, jump in it with both feet together. Proceed to jump to feet apart (one foot in each square) when two hopscotch spaces are next to each other. Hold your child’s hand/s if needed.

The exercises don’t have to look perfect. You can help your child more or less depending on their needs. Try to have fun and get other family members involved if possible. A simple nature walk, wheelchair race or playing ball are some other simple ideas to keep your child moving!

Guardianship 101

What is guardianship? What does the process look like? How do I know if it is right for my family? Get the basics on guardianship and alternatives to guardianship in this month's Transition Fast Facts video. Click on the video below for Guardianship 101.

Guardianship 101

Your Child May Qualify for Medicaid Waiver Programs

Did you know there are programs that provide services for individuals with disabilities that waive some of the requirements to qualify for Medicaid assistance? Or perhaps you are aware of these waiver programs but would like to know more. Perhaps you want to know how to sign your child up. CISD Transition specialists recently presented and recorded a meeting on this very topic. Click here to view the meeting.

SPECIAL EDUCATION COUNSELING “Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person”

· Counseling services is referred to as a related service for students with disabilities. Related services are considered when additional supportive services are necessary for a child with a disability to benefit from special education services. When the ARD committee suspects EDUCATIONAL NEED that may be supported through counseling, a referral is sent to the special education counselor. A parent/guardian must sign a consent form.

· With regard to school-based interventions, counseling is defined broadly in terms of cognitive-behavioral interventions that seek to specifically change thoughts, perceptions, and emotions that are assumed to underlie, mediate, or create the conditions for the occurrence of maladaptive behavior. Counseling in this respect purposes to identify, confront and assist the student in developing self-awareness. Students must have the willingness to examine underlying inappropriate thoughts, perceptions and/or emotions that manifest in inappropriate patterns of behavior. Counseling in essence is solution-focused helping students discover solutions and strategies to mediate behavior patterns that negatively impact educational success.

· The student being considered for counseling services must have some prerequisite skills to benefit from counseling:

· The ability to establish trusting relationships with helping adults

· The capacity for insight into personal difficulties

· Willingness to examine alternative ways of thinking or responding

· Fairly accurate perceptions of interactions and events

· The ability to communicate thoughts and feelings through words, art or play

· Desire to change

submitted by Carol Slater, LCSW

Special Education Counselor in Crowley ISD



Green Oaks Summer 2021

Green Oaks is offering three programs for children, teens and adults with intellectual disabilities. Choose from online or in-person options.

GOAL Teen and Adult In Person Summer Program

Green Oaks Online Youth and Adult Camp

Green Oaks Online

The BOAT Project - Brief Outpatient Autism Therapy

The BOAT Project is a group of clinicians and researchers working together to provide services to families of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. They have received a grant that allows their Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) to provide 5 hours of FREE consultation/parent training to qualifying families.

To qualify, your child must have an ASD diagnosis or be at-risk of developing ASD. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, these services are currently offered virtually. Register here.

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Mrs. Venturi's Class Cleaning up the Environment on Earth Day


Ms. Rodriguez' Students Planting Seeds and Watching Them Sprout!

Summercreek Students Painting Birdhouses as They Learn about Birds