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Ever think, gifted kids who skip a grade do not adjust well socially?

Well, the reality is that gifted kids who skip grades adjust very well. But that doesn't mean they can't have their needs met in their own grade. So, here are a few tips that can help you to help your gifted students no matter what grade they are in!

The Gift of Tips:

For gifted students in a class who appear bored or not challenged enough, use curriculum compacting. Get insight into what such students already know so that they can buy themselves time to explore topics that interest them, while the rest of the class covers what they already know.

For gifted students suffering from poor organizational skills, requiring the use of agendas to record assignments and getting them in the habit of using assignment folders to take and bring back assignments can set them on the road to organizational success.

For gifted students needing some social skills polishing, direct instruction and actively encouraging and practicing social skills like maintaining eye contact and smiling through role play can help these simple etiquettes be internalized. You are what you do!

For gifted students struggling with time management, using and referring to class schedules can help impart the habit of using schedules. Enlisting parents to also establish a regular homework time can also further reinforce this learning.


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