Sleep Technologist

By: Sophie Solliday

Job Responsibilities

A sleep technologist's job is to find, diagnose, and treat sleeping disorders. In order to do this they must watch people sleep, and ovulate data involving sleep disorders.
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Work Environment

Sleep technologist's typically work in sleep study centers, or the neurology department of a hospital.


In order to be a sleep technologist you must first complete a training program which can take as short as a week or as long as a year, depending on the program. Then you must earn an Associate's Degree which usually takes 1-2 years. And finally you must become certified in order to start you career.


For a regular sleep technologist the hourly wage is $23.17 and the average salary per year is $47,660. For a lead sleep technologist or higher ranked sleep technologist the hourly wage is typically somewhere around $25.83 and the average salary per year is around $50,346.

Interesting Facts

  • This is how sleep disorders are diagnosed and treated
  • Sleep technologists work at typical sleeping hours (night)
  • Often a shift is 10-12 hours
  • A work week is sometimes limited to 3 nights
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