In life, we all fight for something,

it’s different for everyone because we all have our own passion. But I think that happiness is something beautiful that every person on earth would have. Now, the question is: ‘when are you happy?’. You can become happy from money but people don’t want to believe that but if you don’t have enough money you are unhappy, that’s the truth. You are also happy if you are healthy, usually you realize that when you aren’t healthy anymore for example: a person who is suffering from cancer, after a major accident, etc.

I think we all have to fight for happiness because there are many people who aren’t happy, think about girls who were given in marriage. Everyone has right to a long and happy life, to marry someone they love. We have to help people who have problems so everyone on earth can be happy, I think we can make a lot of people happy by giving them love and friendship and we all can do that because


Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)