The First Part Last

By Angela Johnson

Book recommendation .

This book was pretty good but really confusing. It was about a girl who gets pregnant at the age 16 and her boyfriend finds out on his birthday that he is going to be a daddy. This ruins his life, he not going to be able to just hang out with his friends and screw around all the time. He will have to take care of the baby all the time and not be able to hang out with his friends a lot anymore. This will also ruin Nia’s life. She will not be able to focus in school or anything all she is going to think about is her baby on the way. Bobby has taken a lot of time out of his life now for helping Nia out and going to her doctor appointments. At the end of the story she ends up getting brain damage and is not going to be able to talk or walk. She ends up going to a nursing home and then she died after being all sick. Now Bobby has to take care of the baby by himself. He got the option to put her up for adoption but he folded the papers and then ripped it up and said he was going to keep her. Nia’s parents only have Feather left of their daughter life. Bobby was telling Feather how heaven is.

Im going to recommend to my girl cousin. She is 15 years old and she found out she was pregnant when she was 14. This is a little different that the story i just read because she is younger. Its dad and mom are not together anymore. So when she has the kid the dad is not probably not going to be involved with this kid. Well at least right now i don’t think he is going to do anything with this kid. Unlike in the story the dad stayed with her and is taking care of the baby now after she had died. Im hoping this does not happen to my cousin. I dont want to lose my cousin. I think it was a terrible thing to get pregnant at 14/15 but i guess its her choice. So far she is doing good. Even though she is pregnant already i will still recommend this book to her so she can take care of her self like bobby did in the book. In the story all Nia was thinking about was having a healthy baby i'm sure she couldn't think about anything else, i’m sure this is all she think about right now too. When she has her baby she going to probably have to drop out of school and i’m sure she won't go back. I am guessing she is going to stay home all day and watch her baby. This is going to probably ruin her career by not going to school and then she won't be able to go to college. I hope she has a healthy baby like Feather is in the book. I hope she stay healthy too unlike Nia in the book.

The First Part Last


Page 125

'We'll support you keeping the baby, Bobby".

Nia's parents are going to support Bobby, letting him keep the baby and not put her up for adopition.

Page 23

"Shes picking up weight, Bobby".

This is feather went into her appointment and she found out that she had gained weight. It is amazing when baby start gaining weight.

Book Trailer for First Part Last by Angela Johnson

How this relates to the book.

This is the trailer to the book The First Part Last. It explains what is going to happen in this book. I think its a good way to see if u want to read the book or not. You could also read the back of the book too but watching this video is good too.