Job and Odysseus remained loyal even when times were tough!

Remaining loyal and faithful to the people you love.

Both Job and Odysseus remain faithful to the person/people they love the most throughout their lifetime.

"Goddess and mistress, don't be angry with me. I know very well that Penelope, for all her virtues, would pale beside you. She's only human, and you are goddess, eternally young. Still, I want to go back. My heart aches for the day I return to my home."- Gilgamesh says this to Calypso about his wife Penelope. He remains loyal in wanting to go back home to his wife. He is aware that Penelope is just an average woman compared to Calypso, but to him she is everything.

"Naked I came out from my mother's womb, and naked I shall return there. The LORD has given and the LORD has taken. May the LORD's name be blessed."- Even after the Lord took everything from Job and left him with nothing, Job remained faithful and loyal to the Lord. He blessed his name regardless.

"Of course, I knew it was so: how can man be right before God? Should a person bring grievance against Him, He will not answer one of a thousand. Wise in mind, staunch in strength, who can argue with Him and come out whole?"- Job keeps faith in his Lord, knowing that he is almighty. Job knows that the Lord has say so over everyone and everything, and rightly so.

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