Day One

Welcome! I am so glad you are here. Thank you for making this a priority.

A point to ponder while everyone settles down...
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Now, let's get started then....

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Now what?

You share:

1. Make a circle

2. One at a time,

tell us....

Your name


Favorite jelly bean flavor

Your definition

Get to know your classmates- they are pretty cool.

Some things to know:

This home is temporary.

I want this to be the most amazing class you have ever taken.

I teach because I want to help make the world a better place.

I'm here for you.

Final thoughts

I hope is class has been enjoyable.

The rest of this time is yours to decompress. The class rules are posted below- please take a look at them while time runs down. Also, feel free to visit with your friends, or make some new ones.
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