Catering Manager


  • Handles all the day to day tasks of catering services in a restaurant, hotel or resort.
  • Supervises employees.
  • Makes the budget for events.
  • Hires/ Trains workers.
  • Might plan Menus.

Skill/ Education Requirements

  • Experience in food service field.
  • Degree in hospitality or restaurant management.
  • Resume and cover letter. (To get the job)
  • Most positions for a catering manager require applicants to have at least a bachelor's--if not a master's--degree in the hospitality field.
  • Have basic knowledge of budget,workflow, and menu preperation.
  • Be able to communicate with customer about catering needs.

Salary/ Hours

Must put in a lot of hours on a regular basis and work in a team environment. (be a leader of the team).

Average around 40,000.