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The Australian flag is called the union jack. It is made of five white stars and a red cross symbol in the corner and the background is blue.

They chose the flag in1901 and the first time they flew it was on September 3, 1901.


"Soccer is a popular sport in Australia. The sport has a high level of participation in the country both recreationally and professionally. Football Federation Australia (FFA) is the national governing body of the sport which organises the A-League, W-League, FFA Cup, and the Australia national teams, amongst other duties. In addition, nine state governing bodies oversee in all aspects of the game within their respective region. Modern soccer was introduced in Australia in the late 19th century by mostly British immigrants. It has since become one of Australia's most popular sports. The first club formed in the country, Wanderers, was founded on 3 August 1880, while the oldest club in Australia currently in existence is Balgownie Rangers, formed 1883. Wanderers were also the first known recorded term to play under the Laws of the Game. Australia was a founding member of the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) before moving to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) in 2006." (wikipedia)
American Samoa vs Australia 0-31


Shark Bay is home to some unique and spectacular flora and fauna which led to it being declared a 2.2 million hectare World Heritage Area in 1991. For 3 billion years the only forms of life on Earth were Stromatolites, colonies of cyanobacteria. Hamelin Pool in Shark Bay is one the few places in world where these oldest of lifeforms still flourish. Sure the Stromatolites at Shark Bay are 'only' 2000 - 3000 years old but their heritage can be traced back to 1.9 billion years ago making them one of the longest continuing biological lineages known.


one dollar in American money is 1.27 dollars in Australian money

Australian money is really cool because it is colorful

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