Olive's Ocean

By: Ja'Nae Justice

Book Summery

A young girl named Olive Barstow was hit by a car on Monroe street. She was a very quiet, unremarkable girl. She did not have many friends nor did she talk to many people. Another young girl named Martha Boyle was a former classmate of Olive. They did not talk much but without knowing they shared the same secret. As Martha was on vacation she realized how much she caught herself thinking about Olive. Martha began to like a boy named Jimmy Manny a neighbor of hers she used to despise. Martha doesn't understand herself anymore, can life be the same for her?


Olive Barstow- a very quiet 12 year old girl who never really talked or ha many friends she was very smart and had a future ahead of her.

Martha Boyle- a young girl who was very smart and didn't really have friends, was not very outgoing and she loved to write.

Description and setting