The Most Important Class I Took

Besides Team Sports

Dangers of Media Literacy

Media is a source of mass communication that is many times altered in ways to benefit a certain group of people. Although not all media is falsely portrayed most of it is. Since media is used as mass communication it is the fastest and easiest way to spread an idea or product. Media comes in multiple sources including advertisements, news, and social media. Companies often flood social media with advertisements because it can quickly focus on their target media. So media is the most productive and financially savvy way for companies to get their products in front of their potential customers eyes. Through news media is used to spread certain things that have happened in the world. This can really get portrayed the wrong way due to the difference news agencies wanting the stories to make people feel a certain way. This is the biggest problem in todays age; news being biased or portrayed in a way to make you believe something. Fox news is great at this, because they want their viewers to feel the same way they do, so if it is a very serious event but they don’t want it to spread they will broadcast it but show no concern towards it. This is very dangerous to their viewers because their personal views can be changed due to media brainwash. Although media is a great way of communication, and probably the most payed attention to thing in the world, it can be easily altered and people need to pay attention to multiple sources to get the real scenario or situation.

Social Media, a secret treasure

Our social media topic actually let me research something I have been wanting to learn about for a while. How the everyday violence we see on social media can and would affect youth or anyone in general that is exposed to this constantly. One of the most important things I learned this unit was how important social media is to this generation. Also, how it can be used for great things and how it can be used for horrible things. Overall it is a tool that todays people could not imagine life without. The topic I have been wanting to research for a while was the mass amount of violence posts on social media, and how it affects the people or youth that see it. While my final paper only focuses on the negative aspect of social media, I learned mass amounts of benefits social media offers too. Theses benefits just would not fit correctly in my paper. For example, the speed at which information can be spread on social media is ludicrous, but this also counters my point of violence on social media being dangerous. While good information can be spread fast, so can bad.

Overall my favorite part of the social media unit was the beginning. I really enjoyed watching the Mark Zuckerberg movie. With my entrepreneurship mind set, it makes me want to strive to create something as great as Facebook. The concept of a social media being a multi billion dollar company blows my mind. I understand its a popular website, but a website worth aprox. 33 Billion dollars. I just don’t see where the revenue comes from besides ads.

I can’t stress enough how much we should appreciate social media, and be grateful that we have this ability to express ourselves and communicate with others the way we do. When used correctly, social media can be a great tool for expression, and freedom from our everyday world. People can be people on social media, and there is no need to act like anyone else. From a personal standpoint, I adore social media because it has let me put who I am on the internet, and people actually enjoy reading my thoughts and feelings. For this, I am greatly appreciative of social media and what it is meant for at heart.

Mountain Dew Puppy Monkey Baby Ad

Mountain Dew, in a commercial for the 2016 Super Bowl , reveals that the new Mountain Dew Kickstart has dew, juice, and caffeine all in one can. Mountain Dew begins the ad with three friends enjoying popcorn, and then a mixture of a puppy a monkey and a baby walks in with a bucket of Mountain Dew Kickstart and gives it to them to drink, they then get up and follow the puppy/monkey/baby out of the room dancing. Mountain Dew’s purpose in this ad is to use a immature form of comedy to get their target audience, teenage and young adults, to purchase Mountain Dew, and use such a unique idea that people will remember their commercial. Mountain Dew’s target audience is teenagers and young adults that enjoy this form of immature comedy, also they use such a unique comedial tone, their target audience will remember them.

Mtn Dew Kickstart: Puppymonkeybaby | Super Bowl Spot
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Donald Trump

Trump says Mexico receives "approximately $24 billion a year in remittances from Mexican nationals working in the United States. The majority of that amount comes from illegal aliens.”

Said on Tuesday, April 5th, 2016 in a plan on his campaign website. This story is part of Donald’s plan to entice Mexico to contribute in the payment for a border wall. Basically stating Donald will have a wire transfer ban if Mexico would not help pay for the border wall. In order to make a position of my own on this I would first want to get what percentage of the 24.77 billion is illegals, but this is an impossible thing to know due to illegals being undocumented. My thoughts are that this would be an easy win for Trump. If Mexico loss that 24.77 billion it would destroy their economy; it would be an easier out if they would contribute and make a deal with Donald.

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John Kasich

John Kasich Says Donald "Trump got, you know, $1.8 billion worth of free media. I got, like, none.”

Said on Sunday, March 20th, 2016 in an interview on meet the press. This story explains Donald’s popularity compared to other candidates. John is stating that the media gives Trump a lot of exposure and this is why he is so popular, but Kasich has gotten none and is still talked about. Not much knowledge is needed to realize this, anyone can turn on their TV looking for media about Trump, but in order to learn about Kasich you have to go looking. It’s a fair thing due to Trump purposely trying to get as much media as possible. If Kasich wanted more media attention he should do something about that.

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Hillary Clinton

Hilary Clinton Says Bernie Sanders "wants higher standards for toy guns than real guns.”

Said on Wednesday, April 6th, 2016 in a CNN interview. This statement was made relating to the gun manufacturing liability law, which allows gun manufactures to not be liable for crimes committed with their products. Hillary is stating that we cant bypass legal accountability. This is a tough topic to learn about due to the mass amount of knowledge and strong opinions on guns. Everyone will think differently about this, but in my opinion in no way should a gun manufacturer be liable for crimes committed with their products. If this was true then any companies products used in a crime would make that company liable.

Prole entry

This passage is a prime example of control without knowledge. We don’t think we are being controlled, but that’s the key. As long as we have no idea or the slightest clue, we won’t question anything we see. For example, kids want to grow up as soon as possible now, and are willing to skip the best years of their life. Children look forward to going to work and marrying and want to do it as soon as possible. It’s not only the government that is controlling though, it’s the common idea that the success of someone relies on their job, and if they are married with kids. Social media’s part in this is to show families, and money as an aspect of success. Obviously if children grow up with advertisements and their parents suggesting that success is measured by family and wealth, then they want to do this as soon as possible. It’s the same reason advertisements use celebrities and families in them, because they know that these types of people will make customers more likely to purchase their product. This isn’t necessarily control, but over a long period of time it could change how society acts as a whole. The dying at sixty doesn’t represent today’s society due to our advances in medicine making life expectancy longer. These days middle aged is 45, but is that for us to choose, or have we been forced to believe this. What we see on the television and computer is the government’s key to control. It is easy to do it undetected, because our population can’t see that overtime what we see affects us. Did we as a community determine what success is, or has Hollywood told us? It’s hard to tell which is what is so hard. How can you solve something that is so hard to find? If the community accepts it then we have no one to help fight the power. If we sit here and allow this then we can never win. If not everyone is behind this idea then we can never win, because if the majority of the population is controlled then we are fighting against a mass we cannot beat. The government and its people aren’t a David and Goliath story, its more as David and 100 Goliaths and David only has one stone. It is our fault though, we have allowed this huge power to form over us and create this secret advertisements, and secret mind control devices. As a member of our community on earth I do my best to not be controlled, or let the things I see control how I think or go about my everyday life. I will continue to be me and be the best I can be. Eventually I want to change the way society sees success, knowledge is success and no one can control that. This book does an amazing job of expressing that. You will always have your knowledge no matter what else is taken from you.

Dove Real Beauty

I am actually going against the normal guidelines here. This ad represents the good in advertisements.It supports being yourself and that you are beautiful.
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Young Turk Rebellion

The Young Turk Revolution happened in Europe in 1908. The sheer size of the people is the main factor in what makes many rebellions such as the Young Turk Revolution so powerful. Influenced by the French Revolution, the idea of revolting was not farfetched. In this case like many others it substantially benefited the majority (nearly everyone in this case), thus persuading many to participate. The Turk Revolution was also started by Ottoman military officers with higher education, allowing for leaders to create a strategy in efficiently using their man power. The people wanted to limit the power of Ottoman sultan Abdulhamid II, who returned them to a Constitutional government. Those that were common soldiers or lower ranked officers were often unpaid and/or had little authority. Over decades the government became increasingly centralized and oppressive. A consistent espionage and execution/exile of anyone who opposed in the slightest of ways made life miserable for anyone below the upper class. The revolution was led by numerous groups from inside and outside the empire. Many of the groups were those that were exiled, common soldiers, and officers of the army. Collective teamwork of the groups attacking sections of the empire at a time helped. Most significantly was the alliance with Germany which led to the Ottoman’s defeated in World War I and led a base for a new government.

My Experience in Media Literacy

In this class I wasn't expecting to learn a lot about actual media literacy. I expected it to be just another language arts class, but Iw as definitely wrong. After I wrote my original reflection on media literacy my opinion has definitely changed. After learning about what the media fallen portrays and how the media can make something seem so much different just on how they spread the “news”. The best thing I learned from this class was how to fact check myself, because Mrs. Hicks gave us a lot of different websites to research and check our political views on. Not only will this help me make personal decisions it will help make a more knowledgeable society. This class was so much different than any other language arts because it wasn't purely grammar and we didn't have any multiple choice test, I actually got to learn about media, and will keep this knowledge for a long time. The only thing that may be done different in the future is more incite into politics during second semester. I really enjoyed the politifact smore project. That was by far my favorite thing during this semester because it let me do my own research and see what I thought was right was really just campaign slander. If I had to go back and take this class again I would with no hesitation, and there wouldn’t be another teacher I would pick to teach me. Mrs. Hicks challenged me in ways I thought no teacher would ever. She mad me think and research what I brought up in class. Many teachers are “scared” to do this in today’s society, but because Mrs. Hicks did this she will be forever remembered as the teacher that really challenged me to be a better person and really become a part of a knowledgeable society. So thank you Mrs. Hicks for a great year!

Prince Ea's Message Reflection

The biggest downfall of humanity today is our cell phones. Our whole Life is on our mobile device which causes everyone to constantly be checking everything on their phone. People can literally do everything except personally interact with people on their phones, and you can do pretty close to that. Us as a whole just isn’t finding the importance of face to face interaction. I feel there isn't a way to stop this because it has happened so rapidly it is hard to stop a movement of that size and growth, but a good start is starting with yourself. If you encourage others to do things with you this will cause them to get of their mobile device or stop watching TV. Then they might do the same with another friend next week, and with this reverse reaction it can help reduce the amount of screen time us humans get everyday. A lot of people are on social media now too, which take a high amount of screen time. Not only is social media not productive, it has a negative impact on society. In the paper I wrote on social media I talked about the violence we see everyday on twitter and facebook. People love to share fighting videos, or hate videos, and overall bad videos. These types of videos get the most feedback. The more we are accustomed to seeing this the more we will be more likely to perform these violent acts. It’s an addiction that just like every other addiction is hard to quit, but can be stopped. Social media outlets really need to monitor activity and make sure these violent posts at least have a warning before you watch them. I feel like a warning would allow those who want to watch it still able to watch it, but for others it wouldn't be shoved in their face. I use the social media for good things for example, I promote my restaurant I work at which eventually gets me more customers to come in therefore making me more money. I also use it to interact with friends and family far away. This part of social media isn't bad and doesn't require you to be on it 24/7. Therefore you aren't a salve to your mobile device. It’s one step in the right direction, but its going to take a lot to get today’s humans off of their phones.