Molly Pitcher

A Biography By: Trinity Eten

Early Life

Mary Ludwig ( Molly Pitcher) was born on October 13,1754 in Trenton New Jersey. Her family was very poor and could not keep up with the produce and livestock also involving the produce of crops . Mary worked day and night on the farm to win the fight against keeping the livestock and crops. As Mary grew a small war had appeared no to close from where they lived. Also as she grew she had fallen in love with a man named William Hays who worked down the street as a barber. She was married on July 24,1769 at the age of 15. Before anyone knew William was in listed in the Continental Army as a gunner. As people knew back then if your husband was in listed in the army you would follow behind him as a nurse for wounded men or a women who brought water to the soldiers. As for Mary's case she brought the water to the men and before she knew it the soldiers gave her the nickname of Molly Pitcher.

Control Of The canon

Molly was working day and night to bring the soldiers water so they could keep on fighting through out the war. When she got back from fetching two more pitchers of water from the well and river she had seen her husband collapse right before her eyes at his canon loading station. Unlike other people Molly did not rush to her husband to get him aid and help, she did something much more brave. Molly took over loading the canon, she was loading as fast as she could with her husband at the ground by her feet just laying there. Molly did not even stop loading when a canon from the other army went right through her legs leaving her unharmed . Because of this one action she took for her they made her a symbol in women history for being so brave at war. Her husband sadly passed though and she re-married to a man named John Mcauley. When Molly died in 1832 on January 22 hey had made a statue of her which is still standing today.

What was her Impact

Molly had a very big impact on women, girls, and men on showing women can do anything. Molly was one of the best symbols in female history and still is for our world.

Her personality

Molly was a brave women and still would be if she was alive today. She was very hardworking even since she was a little girl on her family farm back in Trenton New Jersey.EX: Molly worked day and night to keep the farm in shape and also the livestock, she even helped her mom clean and bake for the family.Molly was a lot of things like kind,brave, creative, country and more than you could think of. She was always in a good mood and always looked on the bright side of things. Molly pitcher was a great women with more personality than you could think of

Why I chose Molly Pitcher

The reason why I chose Molly pitcher or known as Mary Ludwig is because she had a very big impact on women and young girls just like me. She had unspeakable acts of bravery and very wise words. She was many great things and has many facts on her. Also if I were to do some one who has passed away I can tell there life story and have a ending ,unlike if I did some who is still alive I would just leave the story open with no ending and only tell the first part of there life. I have learned that Molly was Re-married which I did not know until now ,there fore this fact was very interesting.