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Lincolnshire-Prairie View School District 103; Oct 28, 2021

Covid Testing Update

The results of this week’s District 103 testing showed one positive case of COVID. There were a total of 1,039 tests performed.

The percentage of students and staff who signed up for weekly PCR testing increased slightly from last week. Below is a breakdown of staff and students who signed up to test, how many took the test, and vaccination percentages. I encourage everyone who signed up to take the test to do so as it helps keep everyone safe. If you have not signed up, please do so in your Unified Classroom Account under Forms by Wednesday to start your testing the following week.

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When you receive your report from O’Hare Labs, the report is password protected. The password is your child’s Date of Birth in the following format: MMDDYYYY. Please only use numbers.

If your child submitted a test but you did not receive your results via email, please send an email to Results@ohareclinicallab.com and include your child’s First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, and Test Date (10/26) in the email. The email is monitored frequently every day. Please visit our website for directions on how to administer the test and return it to the school no later than noon Tuesday.

Please be sure to maintain COVID mitigation strategies at home, including masking, washing hands, and maintaining a distance of six feet between people outside your home, especially while indoors.

For COVID mitigation in the schools, please visit our website.

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