The Natural Born Leader

By Maya and Paige

Pick Me, Ralph, For Chief!

You should pick me to be chief of the island because I am a natural born leader. I believe that if I'm chief of the island, I can come up with a plan to get us rescued faster and I can figure out a productive way to survive while we wait. Plus, not to brag or anything, I'm attractive, tall, and I always have the conch. The little boys look up to a leader and I can be the best leader for them!
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What About Piggy?

Piggy wouldn't be a good leader because he's way too emotional. He lets his emotions take over and that makes him a bad leader. He also gets made fun of by Jack for his weight. When someone gets made fun of, people don't usually follow the person who is being made fun of.
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Why not Jack?

Jack wouldn't be a good leader because when him and the hunters went to find food, they found a pig but Jack hesitated to kill it and the pig got away. Jack also wouldn't make a good leader because he kept making fun of Piggy by saying "Shut up Fatty" which makes him look like a bully. Some people don't follow bullies because they don't think it's okay to bully.
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