3D printing

By Luke Bangert

Historical,space and industrial uses for 3D printing

Astronauts can print what they need in space when they need it like if a part breaks they can just print it.The 3d printer prevents nasa from having to spend all that money on the space ships that go up and give parts to astronauts because they can just print them there. It takes only four hours instead of a day or two to make a wrench that can help fix something.

It works by warming up plastic and then layering it over and over again until the tool is done. Toshiba is moving into 3d printing metal which is also 10 times faster than other 3d printers. This 3d printer can be as early as 2017.

the 3d printers that toshiba makes can help build the parts for their computers. They still need to improve the material they are using to 3d print metal mechanics.

they perfectly 3d printed an ancient vase which means we can recreate most of our ancient history. Also if there's something that confused historians they can just 3D print it. Or if a museum needed copies freshly printed.