Accelerated 3AB/4A Math Class

With Ms. Ramsey April 29, 2016

Last unit of the year: Data and Probability!

We have already finished graphs!! The students ROCKED them! I am very confident in their skills, and I am excited to move into the last chapter: probability.

We will spend a small portion of each class spiraling backwards to review all skills for ITBS and MAP testing :)

4A: Chapter 5: Data and Probability

5.1 Average

5.2 Median, Mode, Range

5.3 Stem and Leaf Plots

5.4 Outcomes

5.5 Probability as a Fraction

5.6 Real-World Problems

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The link below is an EXCELLENT study tool that will help your child get ready for math MAP test. We take Math MAP testing on May 12, so they have plenty of time to prepare! Simply click the RIT scores your child falls in and have them work on the different concepts they need to improve on!


Redbird Advanced Learning is available to our students in K through 5th grade. Please use your FSAConnect username and password to reach Redbird. This year we have created the same username and the same password for all online resources so that you don't need to memorize different passwords.

Click here to access Redbird Advanced Learning.

This is another at home resource for your child :)


Elementary Math

Please utilize this resource! This symbaloo has many great math websites with all mathematical skills!

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