Gingko Newsletter

Week of May 30, 2016


We will be going on a field trip to Wave Hill with the Pine and Maple classes tomorrow (Tuesday). We had wrongly assumed that we we could not bring chaperones on this trip. We have learned that we can and should bring some chaperones with us, if possible. We will be leaving from school at 9 and should be back by 1:30. Please let us know if you can join us. We are truly sorry for the late notice.
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Hello Gingko Families!

This week we...

Conducted our own surveys! We asked kids whether they wanted to find out how many of their friends liked bananas or grapes. Once they chose their survey topic, they were given a survey sheet. We were curious to see how kids would use the survey sheet. Some kids wrote their friends' names down under "yes" and "no." Some kids used dots and lines to represent each response. We will review the results of our surveys soon and talk about which methods worked for us and which did not.

Played in a new spot in Fort Greene Park!

Had a dance party!

Wrote a book about the Gingkoes! Jameson brought in a book he had written at home about a zoo. The Gingkoes got excited about writing "all about" books. We decided to write our own book all about the Gingkoes!

Had a fire drill. We haven't had a fire drill in a while. We all remembered to walk quietly and safely.

Continued reading with our reading groups.

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Our Eggs

Our eggs did not hatch. We are unsure why, it may have been that they were shaken or damaged during the shipping process. Today (Monday), we let the kids know that the eggs have not and will not hatch. We spent some time talking about why we think this could have happened. Kids were a bit sad about this, but it was nice to be able to talk about it together.

We decided to open up the eggs and see what was inside. Teachers checked one of the eggs earlier to make sure this wouldn't be too upsetting for kids. The inside of the eggs looked like scrambled eggs, which makes us believe that embryos never formed. Kids were really excited about seeing what was inside our eggs.

Afterwards, we talked and did some writing about whether or not we want to try to hatch chicks again next year. We will continue talking about what we may do differently next time.

Having the eggs in our classroom was a meaningful experience. We cared so much for our eggs and were so gentle and careful around them. We researched and learned so much about chickens and their needs. We learned that in nature nothing is certain and sad things may happen.

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